Software Development Kit

SDK is a Software Development Kit, combining the existing BSP( Biometric Solution Provider) SDK and 1:N fingerprint engine, not only for regular fingerprint application, but also for and application using fingerprint DBs of large capacity with high fingerprint search speed. It provides High Level API( Application Programming Interface) which allows easy and swift implementation of software and Ul( User Interface) of the wizard type, so that it saves user’s time and effort in developing an application.

Nitgen provides SDK for Windows, Android and Linux platforms. Below are the features of SDK

  • Provides optimal API for fingerprint recognition software development

  • Provides easy implementation for UI(User Interface) of wizard type

  • Fast 1:N Matching

  • Maximize fingerprint enrollment up to 10 fingerprints / 1person

Windows SDK: Nitgen eNBSP SDK provides an Application Programming Interface, or an API, which provides a means to implement both the core software and its UI. This API is effective in implementing the application in a wizard form. For more details regarding this SDK click on below link

Windows SDK Details

Linux SDK: Nitgen linux based sdk provide API which is useful for development team using which they can add fingerprint capture / verify functionality in linux based platform. SDK Application Programming Interface is suitable for developers who can develop their own application with minimum efforts. For more details regarding this SDK click on below link

Linux SDK Details

Android SDK: Using Android SDK customers can develop their own application which is compatible to work with Android Platform. SDK provide various tools using which fingerprint can be captured, stored and verified. Using faster searching algorithms available in sdk data can be verified within fraction of seconds. For more details regarding this SDK click on below link

Android SDK Details