Point of sale terminal (POS solution)


BioEnable Technologies presents robust POS Hardware & Software solution . We are established as India’s Largest Private & Government entities PoS Device & Solution Provider to drive your business forward.”

Demand of the time is efficient and cost effective system increases productivity and connectivity. Cash or contactless operated POS machines are popular around the globe these days. However, a robust solution is required for developing countries and BioEnable is ready to fulfill requisite demand .

Featured Highlights

BioEnable's POS solution is capable to deliver customized Point of Sale terminal with compatible software functions which is commercially viable too.

  • We can design end to end Web based Server side application & Development on Windows Platform for sale of tickets/Passes/Ration Card and deploy the server application on client Servers along with POS Devices.

  • Transactions can be easily synced with central server

  • BioEnable POS solution can with hold maximum number of transactions and schedule it for later

  • Data Upload via both USB Cable & Wireless (Mobile /Wifi)

  • Two factor authentication provisioned both at user & Admin Side

  • We are not restricted to single module Solution

  • BioEnbale POS solution is designed in such a manner , that allow us to host applications & databases at client site

This POS enabled service is equipped with classy Remote Management Application so that the Administrator has access to all the device activity in online real time mode, for example, Battery status, Health of the device, Log In & Out activity, Transaction logs and Management Logs.