BioEnable RD Service for Windows


This document is all about the Prerequisites, Installation steps, Testing & Verification, Basic troubleshooting for BioEnable RD Service. 


1. Dot net Framework 4.5 and above required  (Download)

2. The RD service, needs to connect to our Management Server, for this a internet connectivity is required, it can be through Proxy as well. 

3. The IP addresses (& Ports) of Management server must be allowed/white listed in your network infrastructure.

Following are the details of our Management Server




Extract the downloaded BioEnable RD file to get Setup.exe


Run Setup.exe to start installation

and proceed.


Click Next button for Confirm to Start Installation. 


Click on Next and select installation folder. 


Make sure fingerprint scanner is connected to the computer.


Click Next, Installer is ready to install on your computer.


Click on Close button for Exit. 


Wait to open the RD service test page

and check the Rd status.

Check online RD service status

FAQs / Resolution for some Issues Related to RD Service.

1.Our network has Proxy Enabled, does RD service supports Proxy?

Ans: Yes, RD service supports Proxy, it supports Transparent and Password based Proxies, To use Transparent proxy, you simply need to enter IP and port of the Proxy server in applications config file.

For setting up Password enabled Proxy, you need to use a small utility (available with our RD service, in the same folder), named as “SetProxyAuth.exe”, which will accept username and password and store the password in secure fashion.

2.In error Log we see “Unable to resolve management Server”.  Or  Our network does not allow DNS resolutions to unknowns sites, how your management server will get resolved ? 

Ans: Such errors are raised, when RD service is not able to resolve the IP address of management server. In such scenarios, you need to add our IP address under your DNS servers, in case that is not possible, you can follow following steps to get it working on the local computer.

Update “hosts” file which is usually located at following location, 


  3. Save the file then restart the RD Service.

(Click on "Windows" button,In "Run" type services.msc click enter,restart the BioEnableRDService)

3.We are using Internet Explorer 8 and not ?

Ans: Many a times we use the legacy browsers or custom specific version are used,  and hence it may happen the sample source code may not work due to restrictions in it, Please ensure the browser is up to date and with all security patches applied. Pl contact your system security administrator to check & enable any such restrictions. 

4.When we work with Rd services using proxy what changes should be done ?

Ans:  There are few steps you need follow when you are using proxy.  to see steps Cick here

5. Getting error “Unable to Connect to remote server” or “Request Timeout”?

Ans:        please check Internet connectivity.                                                   Whitelist below details in you Network     URL:

Run the below URL on Command Prompt,

If it all OK then you can test RDService with your Application 

 6.Getting error “Invalid Device UDC” ?

-Please get device dc=”1234567890” value from logs on “C:\BioEnableRDService\Logs”.

-Open latest log,Check device serial number with below URL,

If you get Device Reregister Successfully message you can simply   restart you Bioenable RDService from Services.


 7. BioEnableRDService stop unexpectedly?

-Run Services as Administrator,

-Go to BioenableRDService right click on it,Please select Properties.

-Go to Recovery Tab, Select First failure as “Restart the Service”

-Click on OK.

-It will automatically restart the service.

8. Getting "ADHAAR RECORD NOT FOUND" error for DBT Portal. What is solution for this?

Ans:  1. Check your device serial ID is registered or not.  

        2. Restart BioEnable RD service  from Services as shown .  Then capture fingerprint for your application.

          3. Also send log file from path C:\BioEnableRDService\Logs to