Android SDK

Android SDK

Using Android SDK customers can develop their own application which is compatible to work with Android Platform. SDK provide various tools using which fingerprint can be captured, stored and verified. Using faster searching algorithms available in sdk data can be verified within fraction of seconds. Download Android SDK from below link

  1. Enbsp SDK

  2. Manual

  3. SDK for UIDAI Registered Devices


These are some prerequirements of which are required

Android device with OS Version greater than 3 with USB Host

This device should be rooted

Install root explorer application and Terminal IDE application(easily available on google play store)

1. in this “Android_BioEnable_Hamster” folder,

Following files are available

Step1. Open the Library folder

1) Library folder

Android NBioBSPJNI.jar : It is JAVA class to use Hamster SDK on Android App. : SDK module for Android. SDK JNI module for Android. Device driver module for Android.

2) Sample folder

Bin folder : demo apk file location for Android workspace : Android demo workspace eclipse : Eclipse version 3.7.1 Android SDK : Android Development Toolkit version 20.0.3.v201208082019-427395


1) It is very similar to Java library for PC, following has been changed.

– NBioBSPJNI generator will take your license key.

Ex) NBioBSPJNI bsp = new NBioBSPJNI(“SN”);

– After NBioBSPJNI.CAPTURE_CALLBACK interface inherit, you can have capture callback (Callback is available from Capture, Verify).

Ex) public class XXX implements NBioBSPJNI.CAPTURE_CALLBACK {

Ex) public class XXX implements NBioBSPJNI.CAPTURE_CALLBACK {

public int OnCaptured(CAPTURED_DATA capturedData)




– Remaining methods are same Interface.

In order to use Demo program correctly, you must perform followings in advance.


Open root explorer application and

Provide Read/write permission to /etc, /system, /lib directories


Copy Source folder to your android device

(in my case source is under/sdcard/v1.86)

Open Terminal IDE

Enter Command “su” for super user mode.

Goto driver folder directory

cd to library

You must have the r/w authority at/etc folder with Root Explorer program.

Please copy file to /lib and system/lib folder

After device connect, from Terminal IDE program, find out the location/path of installed device.

“chmod 666 /dev/bus/usb/xxx/xxx”, and exit using “exit”.

How to use Demo program and Execute the Demo App and test

This is the sample app screen which get displayed when we open app

Click on open device button

When we click on capture1 button image is shown for finger capture. ISO19794-2, RAW image will be acquired from device.

Click on Capture2 button. It will show image for finger placed on sensor. ISO19794-2, RAW image will be acquired from device.

It will match the two ISO 19794-2 data and get you result.

When we click on verify raw image It will match the two images and get you result.