Fingerprint Module

FIM Module series

FIM6060 : The FIM series modules are stand-alone fingerprint recognition modules consisting of an optical sensor and a processor board. With high-speed processing and optimized identification algorithm, it allows high speed validation (1: 1) and identification (1: N) of users, upload and download of data in memory, and can be applied to Access Control Systems and Locks .

FIM 6060 is the latest module released by nitgen to have faster authentication of fingerprint templates using high speed processing and optimized identification algorithm.

FIM Board: FIM module consist FIM Board ( Chipset ). FIM sensor get connected with this board using data readers cable which comes with kit. It allows to have development in embedded platform using this kit.

Fingerprint module Data Access Cable: This cable comes with FIM module. This cable act as a medium of communication between FIM board and Sensor

FIM Sensor: This is FIM sensor which is used for Capture and verify of finger. Module name is written in backside of the sensor having series as OPP06U with serial number.

Hardware Specification

Please note that FIM6360 (Compatible firmware loading on FIM60 module for customer, whose using FIM5360)

For details on how to upgrade firmware on FIM6060 board to compatible with FIM5360 module. Refer to below section which contains manual and firmware for the same