Register Device Management Server

Management Server Functions

For Register Device Management server perform the important role, Management server is the bridge in between RDService and UIDAI Server.

    • Device Register DeRegister Management

    • Key Rotation Management

    • Versioning Update Management

    • UIDAI Public key and Certification Management

    • Devices and Customer Repository Management

    • RDService & Device Authenticating Management (with Access Token and OTP)

1. Device Register De-register Management

It register any new device or de-register or blacklist any device with the UIDAI server. It also maintain the record for all register and de-register devices

2. Key Rotation Management

Management Server keep record for all running RDServices and devices, It stores the Public Device key for every deice in filed, It maintain the last Device Key generation date and time, Depending on that it triggers the key rotation for RDService.

3. Version Update Management

It keep record of the updated version of RDService that is recently register with UIDAI server. Depending on that it checks for the client is running with updated RDService. If RDService version on client machine is not updated, It will trigger RDService upgrade.

4. Customer management

In below screen we register all customers who want to make use of RD service

5. Certificate Update management

It is responsible to maintain the updated the UIDAI public certificate, If certificate is not updated, it will auto update the certificates.

6. Web API Access Token Generation and OTP Management

These are the custom APIs which we used for communication in between RDService and management server. It also generate the OTP based authentication to confirm whether RDService and the device are genuine.