Single Iris Scanner


Single Iris Scanner USB Biometric Device for Aadhaar Authentication and Ayushman Bharat

Single Iris Scanner Device for Authentication

IriUniverse-One single iris biometric scanner device for seamless authentication. This single iris scanner captures high-quality iris images simultaneously and swiftly ensuring superior performance. Designed for ease of use both subjects and operators can effortlessly position the device with minimal instructions.

Benefit from high-speed iris image capture that meets ISO standards, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Whether you're looking for a single iris device or a USB single iris scanner the IriUniverse-One delivers unmatched quality and efficiency. Experience the convenience and security of iris biometric technology with our state of the art iris scanner biometric device.

Supports Windows, Linux and Android

Unaffected by Ambient  Lighting

Dust & Water  Resistant

Key Features

High-Speed Image Capture: Experience superior speed with our single iris scanner enabling swift and precise image capture.

Lightweight Design: Our device is lightweight making it easy to handle and transport without sacrificing functionality.

Liveness Detection: Enhance security with built-in liveness detection ensuring the authenticity of iris scans.

Automatic Detection and Positioning: Benefit from automatic iris detection and positioning streamlining the authentication process.

Quick Authentication: Designed for large-scale programs our product enables quick and efficient authentication without compromising accuracy.

UIDAI Compliance and ISO 19794-6 Standard: Our product meets UIDAI Compliance requirements and exceeds the ISO 19794-6 standard ensuring reliability and quality.


Voter Registration

Streamline the voter registration process with our intuitive system, ensuring accurate and reliable identification.

ID Document Issuance

Enhance the security of ID document issuance with our high-speed dual iris image capture technology providing an added layer of authentication.

Law Enforcement

Support law enforcement agencies in their efforts with automatic iris detection and positioning capabilities, aiding in swift and accurate identification of individuals.

Large-Scale ID Enrollment

Efficiently enroll large numbers of individuals into ID systems with quick enrollment features, facilitating smooth operations in various industries.

e-KYC Application

Enable seamless Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with our lightweight system that supports liveness detection, ensuring the authenticity of identity verification.

IriUniverse-One Single iris device is a rugged, portable and simple-to-use single iris capture device that can capture single eye images with greater accuracy and speed. The innovative Single iris scanner is groove with features that make it suitable for a wide range of biometric identification applications.

IriUniverse-One Biometric USB eye scanner the ultimate solution for single iris scanning. Specifically designed for Ayushman Bharat Yojna and AB-NHPM Empanelled Hospitals, it stands out as the best IRIS (Eye) Scanner in its class.  Experience unparalleled reliability with the lowest False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR). Offering seamless integration across platforms. With its plug-and-play USB 2.0 high speed interface setup is quick and hassle free. 

Unlock a world of possibilities with applications ranging from PC Computers and Network Security to Health and Medical sectors. Whether it's for UIDAI authentication or public service initiatives like NREGA and Jeevan Praman our device is your trusted companion.

Single Iris Device - Scanned Result

Single Iris Scanner - Technical Specifications

Single Iris Scanner

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The AADHAAR Enrollment Kit is a comprehensive set of tools and devices used to enroll large groups of people particularly for government and NGO-sponsored schemes. These kits are essential for various enrollment programs including those run by local or central government agencies UID Aadhar, NPR (National Population Register), national ID projects as well as initiatives supported by international organizations like the World Bank and UNESCO. Key components of the AADHAAR Enrollment Kit typically include:

This device is used to capture fingerprints quickly and accurately, particularly for biometric identification purposes. It enables efficient enrollment processes by capturing high-quality fingerprint images.

IriUniverse is a dual iris scanner designed for biometric enrollment. Having multiple iris scanners in the kit allows for simultaneous enrollment of individuals further streamlining the process smoothly.

This module is certified by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is integrated into the enrollment kit to provide location data during the enrollment process. GPS technology used to track the location.

This face camera used for capturing facial images during enrollment. Facial recognition technology is employed for identity verification and authentication purposes, complementing other biometric data captured.

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