FingKey Hamster DX

FingKey Hamster DX ( HFDU06 )

Fingkey Hamster DX is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner in India  since last 10 years. It has been used in over 500 Government & Civil ID Projects. Its known for its scratch proof surface, crystal clear fingerprint images and expected lifespan of 5 to 10 years. 

USB Fingerprint Reader / Scanner is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password, that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember. Use USB Fingerprint Scanner / Reader with our Biometrics software for authentication, identification and verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.


                                                                          Windows Drivers are compatible with

                           Linux Drivers are compatible with operating system having kernel version above 3

For details regarding how to install drivers refer to this video link.


             Biodesk is the desktop based application which is useful for logs capturing for attendance purpose. This  application is compatible to work on windows XP and windows 7 only.

Application                                                          Brochure                                                                      Manual                                                                                                             

FingKey Hamster DX.pdf
FingKey Hamster DX.pdf

Software Development Kit: Using Software Development kit customers can develop their own applications. SDK is compatible to work on all windows operating system platform. 

Refer to this section to download Windows SDK and its manuals.

Refer to this section to download Linux SDK and its manual

Endess Professional Security software:  With hamster DX customers can make use of Endess professional application which is used for pc security login. Main purpose of this application is while system gets boot up it will ask to provide registered user finger to get him authenticated. Once successful authentication done it will allow to boot up system. This software is currently available for Windows XP and Windows 7 platform only.  Refer to below section to download application for Windows 7 and Windows XP