Dactyscan 84c Slap Fingerprint Scanner 

STQC certified for Aadhaar Enrollment 

Introducing DactyScan84C, a portable Slap fingerprint scanner offering a wide scanning area to capture all ten fingerprints including four finger-slaps and thumbs of both hands. Its innovative design enables users to scan both fingerprint ID flats of an individual swiftly and accurately. DactyScan84C is renowned for its rapid, precise and reliable performance especially for 4-4-2 fingerprint enrollment applications.

This user-friendly slap fingerprint scanner, DactyScan84C, is ideal for various applications, including enrollment for UID-Aadhaar, National ID, National Population Register projects, as well as initiatives by the World Bank and UNESCO. DactyScan84C is built to meet the demands of commercial, civil, and government sectors, providing robust biometric capabilities for slap fingerprint scanning, tenprint scanning, and 4-4-2 fingerprint enrollment. It conforms to IP64 ratings, ensuring protection against dust and water, thus guaranteeing durability in diverse environments. 

Moreover, its ergonomic design and easy-to-integrate SDK architecture make DactyScan84C the preferred choice for system integrators and solution providers alike. With DactyScan84C, you can expect seamless operation and top-notch performance for all your slap scanner, fingerprint slap scanner, ten print fingerprint scanner, tenprint scanner, 10 print fingerprint scanner, 10 fingerprint scanner and 10 finger scanner needs. 

DactyScan 84c – STQC Certified Slap FingerPrint Scanner



Rugged IP65 Dust & Waterproof Body Structure

The body structure of DactyScan84C Slap Fingerprint Scanner is meticulously sealed to prevent moisture, dust and liquid intrusion, ensuring exceptional IP65-rated protection. With advanced engineering for additional protection, this device guarantees flawless operation even in the harshest conditions.

Experience advanced Image Construction Technology

with the DactyScan84C Our device incorporates unique slap fingerprint capture algorithm to deliver unparalleled performance in constructing fingerprint images. Benefit from over 15 fps frame rate in capturing ensuring superior image quality and minimal error rate in capturing sequences.

Perfect for integration into systems

Perfect for integration into systems, the Multifinger Scanner DactyScan84C offers an ergonomic design and an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture making it an ideal choice for system integrators and solution providers. Its seamless compatibility with various platforms and applications streamlines the integration process allowing for quick deployment and hassle-free operation. 

With its robust construction and versatile functionality, it ensures optimal performance in any integrated system or solution.

Extra wide platen

The DactyScan84C Slap Fingerprint Scanner ensures effortless capturing with its spacious size, which is the largest in its class. Its solid, scratch-free surface guarantees durability against various stains and damages making it an ideal choice for long-term use.

With its user-friendly design and robust construction, it offers an exceptional solution for capturing fingerprints accurately and effortlessly.

High Quality Fingerprint Image Captured with Scanner in Aadhaar Application  

Actual Finger Scanning (Enrollment) Process

DactyScan84c Brochure & Certificates

DactyScan84c Datasheet.pdf
2)DactyScan84c_User Manual_1.0_ENG.pdf
DactyScan STQC Certificate.pdf
BioEnable ISO Certificate.pdf

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Photo Gallery For Aadhaar Installation 

The AADHAAR Enrollment Kit is a comprehensive set of tools and devices used to enroll large groups of people particularly for government and NGO-sponsored schemes. These kits are essential for various enrollment programs including those run by local or central government agencies UID Aadhar, NPR (National Population Register), national ID projects as well as initiatives supported by international organizations like the World Bank and UNESCO. Key components of the AADHAAR Enrollment Kit typically include:

IriUniverse is a dual iris scanner designed for biometric enrollment. Having multiple iris scanners in the kit allows for simultaneous enrollment of individuals further streamlining the process smoothly.

This module is certified by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is integrated into the enrollment kit to provide location data during the enrollment process. GPS technology used to track the location.

This dual iris scanner that captures iris images for biometric identification. Iris scanning is a reliable method for unique identification and the dual scanner enhances accuracy and speed in enrollment.

This face camera used for capturing facial images during enrollment. Facial recognition technology is employed for identity verification and authentication purposes, complementing other biometric data captured.

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