UIDAI AADHAAR Authentication Sample For Java

Java SDK Sample for UIDAI Authentication

UIDIA provides Java SDK sample for registered devices Aadhaar authentication. The user manual of SDK and Sample source code is given below.

The main page of java application look like's as below

Enter Aadhaar number in given text box for verification

After then select the finger which you want to scan and click on scan to scan. Now put finger on device to scan.

The scanned finger image will be displayed in square box. Then click on authenticate button given below to send finger for authentication.

If the authentication succeeds then the output will be displayed as below.

  • Please find below link to get sample

  • The sample works with UIDAI's Staging Server

  • User needs to change the URL & Public key for Production Server to test with Aadhaar's Production environment

UIDAI Sample Application(.JAVA).zip