The Regional Transport Office ( RTO ) has Introduction of Biometric Fingerprint scanning for issuing a driving licence has ensured that the applicant should be available physically and his/her fingerprint needs to be registered using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner. The registration of fingerprint with the database has ensured that the same person can not apply and get issued another driving licence from any other RTO. This has stopped the fraudulent cases related to driving licence completely.

Biometric device use

A Biometric Driving Licence is actually a Smart Card Driving License with a micro chip to store data on it. All the relevant details regarding the applicant are getting stored on it along with fingerprint, photograph and digital signature. A typical registration centre at RTO will have a PC attached with an USB Fingerprint Scanner, Digital Signature Pad and Web Camera.

The application with the PC, designed by National Informatics Centre, takes all data along with photograph, fingerprint and digital signature and allows writing it on a Smart Card, although the address, name, photograph with signature also gets printed on the card.

An USB Single Fingerprint Scanner is being used for registering the fingerprints of the applicants; both the thumbs are getting registered. Designed by NIC, the application itself has the functionality of activating the Fingerprint Scanner, there is no separate application is being used for the same. USB Fingerprint Scanner manufactured by Nitgen (eNBioscan C1) a Korean Company, is being used across the country at different state road transport department for issuing Biometric Driving Licence.

Benifits of biometric use

  • Helped stopping the frauds where one to one identification

  • Fingerprint Technology

  • stopped the issuing of multiple driving licences of one person.

  • suitable for Smart Card Driving License registration

  • One to one authorization of registered DL database

BioEnable Biometric use in RTO pune.

Bioenable Technologies has been selected by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Pune to develop fingerprint technology that will be used for driving license registration in the city. The fingerprint scanner will help in the processes of verification, authentication and identification. USB fingerprint scanner created by Nitgen- a South Korean firm, digital signature pad and a web camera are part of the system.

“Under the national eGovernance plan, all state transport offices need to be computerised to manage vehicle registration and issue driving licenses more efficiently"