( National Urban Livelihood Mission )


The NULM is launched with the objective to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities. The mission would aim at providing shelter equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner.

Components of NULM

1. Social mobilization & Institutional Development ( SM & ID ) :

NULM helps to mobilize of urban poor housholds into thrift and credit based SHGs.

2. Capacity Building & Training ( CB & T) :

It is planned for the continuous capacity building of SHGs, Government functionaries at central, state and town/city levels, NGOs and other stakeholders. National and state level mission management units are also created to support the implementation of the mission.

3. Self Employment programme ( SEP ) :

Under NULM , SEP focuses to provide the economical support to individuals or the group of the urban poor for the setting up their self-employment which is suited to their local condition and aptitude.

4. Support to Urban street Vendors ( SUSV ) :

Supports for the development of vendor markets , socio-economical survey of street vendors, skill development , microenterprises development and can provide social assistance to urban street vendors.

5. Employment through skills training & placement ( EST & P ) :

It focuses on the providing assistance for the unemployed urban poors for the development of their skill and knowledge for the self-employment or their better salaried employment.

6. Scheme of Shelter for Urban Homeless ( SUH ) :

Used for providing service all weather 24*7 shelter equipped will be construed.

7. Innovative & special projects :

Provides assistance for the promotion of the innovative projects with the initiatives must aim at catalysing approaches to urban livelihood through private , public and community partnership.

8. Urban poor in self help groups ( SHGs )

Suitable Biometric device in NULM.

For the NULM project the Biometric device is used as single fingerprint scanner device named eNBioscan C1 (HFDU08) is suitable.

NULM Mission documents and biometric device user manuals (PDFs ):