Appletless Solution Application

Appletless Solution developed in .net which will be helpful in many products where you need to be interact with Device.

We will provide you sample .NET Application.

Follow the below steps to execute the sample.

  • Main window of Appletless Solution Application

  • Click On Get Info button.

-It will retrieve all Information related to device like,Serial number ,model name also show MAC and IP Address.

  • Click on Capture button.

-On capturing we will get fingerprint image in Picture box also get Quality and NIFQ value along with them will retrieve some fields like Base64Encoded ISO Template,ISO Image,Raw Data,WSQ Image Data.

  1. Base64Encoded ISO Template

  2. Base64Encoded ISO Image

  3. Base64Encoded Raw Data

  4. Base64Encoded WSQ Image Data.

  1. Status

  2. Quality

  3. NFIQ

  • Capture And Match button will capture a new finger and match it with existing finger data and provide you the result that FingerPrint data Matching or not.

  • Click on GetPID Data will provide you Encrypted Base64Encoded PID

  • After clicking get pid it retrive

  1. Encrypted Base64Encoded Pid

  2. Encrypted Base64Encoded Sessionkey

It also retrieve following contents

1. Encrypted Base64Encoded Hmac

2. Ci

3. Pid Ts

  • Please find below link to get sample

  • The sample works with UIDAI's Staging Server

  • User needs to change the URL & Public key for Production Server to test with Aadhaar's Production environment