What Is RD Service?

Registered devices addresses the solution to eliminate the use of stored biometrics. It provides three key additional features compared to public devices:

1. Device identification – every device having a unique identifier allowing traceability, analytics, and fraud management.

2. Eliminating use of stored biometrics – biometric data is signed within the device using the provider key to ensure it is indeed captured live. Then the Registered Device (RD) Service of the device provider must form the encrypted PID block before returning to the host application.

3. A standardized RD Service provided by the device providers that is certified.-This RD Service (exposed via Service interface defined in this spec) encapsulates the biometric capture, any user experience while capture (such as preview), and signing and encryption of biometrics all within it.

To install BioEnable Android RD Service Please click here

  • When your installation is completed you can see Application in your phone as image 1

  • When you will open the Application and connect Nitgen-eNBioscan C1 device to your android phone you will get popup window as shown in image 2. Please check the radiobutton and click "OK" to proceed.

  • As shown in Image 3 your phone will go to Root test. To check that phone you are using is Rooted or Non-Rooted

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

  • If usb device is not connected to your phone it shows result as in Image 4

  • If usb device is connected but if it is not register it shows as in Image 5. Click on the REGISTER button and register the usb device.

  • Fill your own information as shown in image 6 . Your Company name, Address, Pin code, Contact number. Also Select environment as "P" for Production and click on "REGISTER"

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

  • When all the things are perfect as your phone passes the root test, device is connected, device is registered then you will see application as shown in image 7.

  • In Menu option you will have many options such as Refresh, Re-Register,De-Register,Contact us, About and Help as shown in image 8.

  • Re-Register is to Re-register the usb device, De-Register is used to de-register the usb device.

  • By using CONTACT US option you can contact to Support team of BioEnable Technologies for any issue by call or by Mail as shown in Image 9

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

  • When you choose MAIL option to contact, compose window will automatically receive your details and device serial ID you are using as shown in Image 10. You just need to send mail.

  • When you choose CALL option to contact, you can call to the given number as shown in image 11 and ask your query.

  • Mostly use MAIL option first and then call option so that BioEnable's Support team can check your device serial ID

  • When you click on ABOUT option you will get details of the RD Service version you are using on your phone as shown in image 12.

Image 10

Image 11

Image 12

  • When you click on HELP option in menu, you directed to BioEnable Technologies Website as shown in Image 13.

  • You will get details of the BioEnable Android Rd Service such as latest setup link, installation steps and many more.

  • After all this successful installation you can test RD Service on RD Service Client Application given below.

Image 13

For Developers they can call below code snippet for android platform

BioEnable Android RDService Integration

Please Follow below steps to test Android Rd Service Application

1. Download Android Rd Client Application using below link.

RDClient Application

2. Install this application in your android phone.

3. You will see RDClient Application as per snap,

4. The main window of RDClient will be shown as following images as per usb device connected with phone.

  • 1st image when no usb device connected

  • 2nd image when a usb device other than Nitgen is connected

  • 3rd image when a Nitgen C1 scanner is connected.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

5. You will see two buttons "INFO CALL" and "CAPTURE CALL" to get InfoCall and CaptureCall's results from RDService,

  • On making InfoCall to RDService by clicking "INFO CALL" button, you will get DeviceInfo and RDService xmls in a pop up as shown in image 4.

Image 4

6. A capture call can be made to RDService through RDClient by clicking "CAPTURE CALL" button.

  • On clicking "CAPTURE CALL" button, you will see PidOptions input pop up as shown in image 5.

  • By setting desired values of PidOptions, either a capture call can directly be made by clicking "CAPTURE" button or to preview PidOptions xml, "PREVIEW" button can be clicked which will show xml's preview as shown in image 6.

Image 5

Image 6

7. On making CaptureCall to RDService by clicking "CAPTURE CALL" button, you need to put your finger on usb device as shown in image 7.

8. On Successful capture, you will get PidData in a pop up as shown in image 8.

Image 8

Image 9