Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance SYstem.


AEBAS is Biometric Attendance System based on Aadhaar Authentication. It aims the management of attendance of the employees of government sectors who working across Ministries, Departments and various organizations under itself. To avoid the incorrect information like employees fake attendance , late arrivals , early departure and Leaves. This creates a situation where the sincere and punctuality of office works.

Features of AEBAS

  • Biometric Attendance (Fingerprint Based Authentication).

  • Aadhaar Enabled

  • Real time monitoring

  • comprehensive MIS

  • Wifi / GPRS connectivity based

  • Portable to Easily re-locatable

  • It is compatible with multiple platforms (Windows, Android, etc.) and form factors (Laptop, Desktop and Tablets, etc.)

Benefits of AEBAS

  • Attendance recording in remote areas with mobile connectivity.

  • No paper registers are required for attendance data.

  • Cant Mark fake attendance.

  • Live supervision of attendance.

  • Tracks time of entry, exit hence MIS can track hours spent in office.

Biometric used in AEBAS

The operation model overview for the Aadhaar authentication that continues to ignore altering its authentication and KYC services to ensure that the Aadhaar card Scheme remains purely voluntary for taking Biomeric attendance. For this Biometric attendance our single finger print scanner device which is STQC certified eNBioscan C1 (HFDU08) can be integrated with system.

AEBAS Brochure.pdf
EnBioScan-C1 New Brochure.pdf
BioEnable AEBAS-10.pdf