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Authentication Devices 

The enBioScan-C1 (HFDU8) sets a new standard as a single USB fingerprint scanner and fingerprint device. This biometric finger scanner features the highly advanced fingerprint identification module which is FBI PIV certified. This enables the acquisition of high-resolution fingerprint images with exceptional accuracy and durability. The rugged and advanced optical sensor ensures superior performance making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Experience the power of our unique Fingerprint Biometric Technology with the enBioScan-C1 biometric fingerprint scanner and biometric fingerprint device. Its comfortable and ergonomic design guarantees optimal user experience.

The IriShield™ MK 2120UL stands out as an ultra-compact iris scanner boasting an auto-capture feature and fortified by a PKI-based security infrastructure that ensures end-to-end data protection. Its NIST-proven iris image quality assessment algorithms guarantee exceptional accuracy, minimizing false positives while maximizing true positive identification rates. With embedded algorithms designed for high-quality iris image capture and internal quality checks, the MK 2120UL ensures reliable performance. Notably its predecessor the MK 2120U made history as the first camera to attain STQC certification as an authentication device for the UIDAI project in 2014. Trusted and utilized in numerous large-scale government initiatives including the Indian Pension projects spanning from 2005 to 2015.

Biometric Enrollment Devices 

DactyScan84C the high-end 10-print fingerprint scanner (also known as a 10 fingerprint scanner or 10 finger scanner or fingerprint slap scanner , is specifically designed for UID Aadhaar projects, Government National ID programs, Police applications, and Immigration/Visa processes.  This advanced scanner delivers superior performance and accuracy in capturing all ten fingerprints.

DactyScan84C, the pioneering 10-print fingerprint scanner launched by an Indian company, sets a new benchmark in fingerprint scanning technology. Certified as a 10-print Livescan device according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. DactyScan84C ensures top-notch image quality and meets the highest industry standards.

BMT-20 is an adjustable interpupillary & easy-to-operate dual iris scanner device used to capture the double iris images of an individual simultaneously. Designed with an advanced biometric technology BMT-20 is the next-generation iris scanner device compliant with ANSI NIST and ISO image interchange format.

The innovative dual iris scanner BMT-20 offers ease of convenience high reliability and long-lasting durability. The dual iris sensor presents multiple compelling functionalities such as auto capture feature for quick & effortless dual iris recognition, adjustable interpupillary distance range immunity to ambient lighting and much more.

BioEnable G1 Aadhar GPS receiver meticulously designed to redefine convenience and precision in location tracking while enrollment. Seamlessly integrated with UIDAI Certified Aadhaar Enrollment Client (ECMP). This device boasts unparalleled accuracy in pinpointing physical locations for enrollment purposes. 

Whether it's for aadhar GPS enrollment or any other application requiring real-time location tracking. Our UIDAI GPS receiver guarantees reliability and efficiency. Its compact and rugged design ensures durability and portability making it the ideal companion for fieldwork in any terrain or environment.

IriUniverse-One single iris biometric scanner device for seamless authentication. This single iris scanner captures high-quality iris images simultaneously and swiftly ensuring superior performance. Designed for ease of use both subjects and operators can effortlessly position the device with minimal instructions.

Benefit from high-speed iris image capture that meets ISO standards, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Whether you're looking for a single iris device or a USB single iris scanner the IriUniverse-One delivers unmatched quality and efficiency. Experience the convenience and security of iris biometric technology with our state of the art iris scanner biometric device.

IriUniverse-Two Dual iris Scanner stands out as a binoculars-type iris biometrics imaging device that effortlessly captures dual iris images with remarkable speed and precision. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, allowing subjects to position themselves reliably with minimal guidance. The device excels in capturing dual iris images swiftly all while adhering to rigorous ISO standards for quality assurance.

This dual iris scanner serves as an ideal solution for Aadhaar applications, catering to the demands of dual iris recognition requirements. Both subjects and operators alike benefit from the efficiency and accuracy offered by the IriUniverse-Two, making it the ultimate choice for retina scanner biometric devices and iris aadhaar devices.

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Biometric Software Development Kits

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