STQC Certified

GPS Device For Enrollment

BioEnable G1 GPS Device

GPS Receiver or GPS Dongal is used to identify the physical location of Enrollment.

  • UIDAI Certified for Aadhaar Enrolment Client (ECMP)
  • Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged
  • Connection with any normal USB from any system
  • Small, Lightweight and Rugged GPS receiver
  • Supports Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Precise location with built-in receiver that tracks the GPS and GLONASS satellites
  • User friendly and highly simple to use.
GPS CERT_New.pdf

STQC Certificate

BioEnable UGR86 GPS Device

UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR - USB GPS receivers for real-time Lat Long data and street navigation by using your laptop for graphical plotting and positioning of Aadhaar center to get data integrated with each Aadhaar enrollment to be extracted by UIDAI. This is most sold USB GPS Receiver for Aadhaar.

UGR 86 Model Features:

  • UIDAI Certified for AADHAAR Connection with any normal USB from any system
  • Plug and Play
  • Real-Time Location wherever this device is plugged in USB
  • Robust design with ABS body
  • Compact size (Easy to carry)

Warranty Period for every Unit is 1 year from the date of sale.

GPS Module Specifications

GPS L1 Band Receiver 1575.42MHz

GLONASS L1 Band Receiver 1601.71MHz

Channels 33 (Tracking) / 99 (Acquisition)

Horizontal Position Accuracy (autonomous) <2.5 m CEP

Velocity Accuracy (without aid) <0.1m/s

Acceleration Accuracy (without aid) 0.1 m/s²

Timing Accuracy (1 PPS out) 10 ns

Operating Temperature -400 to +850 C

Storage Temperature -450 to +1250 C

Cold Start <35s

Warm Start <30s

Hot Start <1s

Sensitivity :

Acquisition -149dBm

Tracking -167dBm

Reacquisition -161dBm

Other Hardware Specifications

Interface USB 2.0

Antenna External Antenna (optional)

recommended antenna AA.107.301111 with 3M cable length

Internal Battery 3.7 v 1100mAh LI-ION Battery ( Optional )

LED’s Yellow – GPS

Green – PC connection

Dimensions 79mm x 48mm x 28mm (L, B, H)