Android Aadhaar Authentication

SDK for UIDAI Registered Devices

Using Android SDK customers can develop their own application which is compatible to work with Android Platform. This SDK provide Aadhaar authentication from UIDIA using fingerprint. Using this SDK one can verify data within fraction of seconds. Download Android SDK from link given below.

This is the main page of android application. The finger image on main page is a demo image of scanned image. The button Authenticate will be disabled. Once you enter twelve digit Aadhaar number it will be enabled.

Enter the Aadhaar number which you are going to authenticate. Now Authenticate button will be enabled now. Click on authenticate button to scan and authenticate finger.

The Scanned finger image of finger will look like as shown. This will be sent for Aadhaar authentication with Aadhaar number.

On successful authentication the "UIDIA Authentication Successful" information message will be displayed.

On authentication failure the "UIDIA Authentication Failed" information message will be displayed.

  • Please find below link to get sample

  • The sample works with UIDAI's Staging Server

  • User needs to change the URL & Public key for Production Server to test with Aadhaar's Production environment

Aadhaar Authentication 2.0 Android source